5 Tips to Improve Your Website’s Search Engine Rankings-Part III: Plenty of GOOD Content + an Ideal Webpage Checklist

With Google’s ever-changing algorithm and attention to the information that’s “being said and read” on websites, having good content–and plenty of it–is an important factor to solid SEO results.

Your site’s content should be informative, unique and linkable, while essentially ‘supplying a demand’. Good content can be in the form of text, images, video or sound. Depending on your industry, it’s good–encouraged even–to get creative with it and switch it up here and there.

For a law practice, each page should provide some authentic and obvious value, without purely promoting yourself and your services, and could be described by most (approximately 80%) as ‘useful’. Each page should target a single searchers’ intent (plus related keyword phrases), such as a page dedicated to ‘Modification’= “how do I change a court order for child support?”.

Your content should be comprehensive and easy to digest, while containing important keywords and phrases, WITHOUT stuffing. ‘Stuffing’ is exactly what it sounds like: when the majority of a page’s content is over-filled (or stuffed) with keywords, to the point that it’s overkill.

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Tips for Content & Webpage Layout

  • The page layout is easy to scan and important elements are obvious.
  • Each page URL is descriptive and makes it easy to know what sort of content is there.
  • Images and videos are of great quality and render correctly on all devices (no fuzzy, pixelated pics and grainy videos!)
  • Each page has ‘sharing value’, meaning if someone were to share it, the reader or receiver would likely find it useful.


An Ideal Webpage should have all of the following:

  • It should be super relevant to a specific topic (usually a topic within a practice area, if dealing with a law practice)
  • Includes the subject in the title tag
  • Includes the subject in the URL
  • Includes the subject in image alt text (an ALT tag)
  • Specifies the subject several times, organically, throughout text content
  • Provides unique content about a given subject
  • Links back to its category page
  • Links back to its subcategory page (if applicable)
  • Links back to its home page (this is usually accomplished through an image link showing the practice logo on the top left)


Good content is golden, so kudos to you if you’re already implementing these suggestions with your website and SEO strategy. Stay tuned for the next part of this series!

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