5 Tips to Improve Your Website’s Search Engine Rankings- A 6-Part Series

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In these times of abundant technology and a plethora of information sitting literally at our fingertips–through smart phones–most people rely heavily on search engines, like Google, when searching for an attorney. 96% to be exact [Google Consumer Survey, Nov 2015.]. Of those prospect legal consumers, around 90% will not go past page 1 of search results, when choosing whose website to visit or whom to call.

With Google’s ever-changing search algorithm, there are a lot of variables and deciding factors that go into whether a website will show up in relevant search results or not. It’s a full time job keeping up with these changes, and simply having a “pretty website”, or a website at all, will not cut it if you’re hoping to generate any kind of new interest or site traffic. If your website is missing (or lacking in) any of the items included in this series, you should definitely consider tweaking your efforts or getting professional help from an SEO-company that understands the importance of each item. If you’re currently implementing most or all of these, you’re on the right track!

This is Part 1 of a 6-part series–yes, I know the title is “5 Tips to Improve Your Website’s Search Engine Rankings”,  –this first part lists out the topics we’ll be covering, but good eye if you caught that and were scratching your head 🙂

  1. Start with Responsive Design & Optimize Your Site: Mobile-first Indexing WILL Impact SEO
  2. Plenty of GOOD Content + an Ideal Webpage Checklist
  3. Blog About It & Keep it Fresh
  4. Claim/Verify Your Google My Business Listing (GMB) + Install Google Analytics
  5. Have a Social Media Strategy


Stay Tuned!!

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SEO, digital marketing, lawyer marketing