10 Marketing Statistics for Law Firms, Part I: How to know if you’re behind (and who to contact if you need help!)

10 Marketing Statistics for Law Firms, Part I: How to know if you're behind (and who to contact if you need help!)
  1. first draft marketing; seo; online marketing; lawyer seo; lawyer websites96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine. This means that even if someone has referred someone to you, chances are that they are going to ‘Google you’. What will they see when they search for you? [Google Consumer Survey, Nov 2015.]
  2. In this digitally-driven world, nearly 40% of all small law firms do not have a website! If this is you, your law firm and all the amazing legal services you provide are basically ghosts!
  3. 97% of all law firm websites fail to deliver any kind of personalized content. If you’re using your website to simply list your credentials and your phone number/address, we PROMISE you, you ARE MISSING OUT on lots of new clients who may have stumbled across your site but fail to engage with you because you’re a robot.
  4. Females (16%) are more likely than males (11.9%) to find a lawyer by asking a friend. [https://www.mosesandrooth.com/how-people-find-lawyers-in-2015/.]
  5. Only one-third of law firm websites are optimized for mobile devices. Given that we’re all attached to our phones these days, with new information literally at our fingertips, it’s no surprise that roughly 87% of new website traffic comes from smartphones. Google gives sites a lower “ranking score” for not being optimized for mobile devices (Responsive), so if you are paying for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or any other online marketing services, and have an outdated website, you could be making things a LOT harder for yourself. [https://firstdraftmarketing.com/2016/02/04/responsive-websites-will-improve-results/. ] See if your website is Responsive here: https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly
  6. 74% of legal prospects beginning a search online end up contacting the office via mobile phone. There’s also been a steady increase in legal prospects filling out contact forms via the attorney website. First Draft Marketing recommends having both contact options available on your law firm’s website, and tracking new calls and contact forms. [FindLaw U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey 2014.]
  7. People earning over $150,000 per year are most likely to find a lawyer through an Internet search (21.4%). So NOT by word of mouth. Personal referrals are a wonderful source of new business for many attorneys everywhere, but it’s not enough to sustain most small law practices. [https://www.mosesandrooth.com/how-people-find-lawyers-in-2015/]
  8. 62% of legal searches are non-branded (i.e., generic: “Phoenix divorce attorney” or “car accident lawyer” or “DUI lawyer Savannah” ), and some of our most successful clients have gotten more, qualified leads from ranking well for non-typical “long-tail keyword phrases” (i.e. “how do I sue my brother over a will”–yikes!)  [FindLaw U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey 2015]
  9. 68% of law firms do not have an email address on their home page. How do you expect a new prospect to contact you, if they reach out after-hours or want to communicate via email?
  10. 27% of law firms do not have a telephone number on their home page. (ya kidding me, right??)

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