10 (more) Marketing Statistics for Law Firms, Part II

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Are you curious about marketing your law firm? Do you want to know how your efforts are actually affecting your law firm’s bottom line? Here are a few statistics to consider:

  1. 85% of legal prospects use online maps to find law firm locations. [Google Legal Services Study Sept 2015]
  2. 87% of people who contact an attorney go on to hire an attorney and 72% of them only contact one attorney. First impressions and simple CTA’s (Calls to Action) matter!  [FindLaw U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey 2014]
  3. 74% of consumers visit a law firm’s website to take action. This includes referrals!! [Google Legal Services Study Sept 2015]
  4. 25% of people researching legal topics visit YouTube during the process. Video content is expected to account for 87% of all online consumed content by 2019, and websites with video are 53 TIMES more likely to appear on page 1 of Google search results. https://vimeo.com/213906437
  5. 71% of people looking for a lawyer think it is important to have a local attorney. Some attorneys with niche areas of expertise can expect to acquire leads and clients further away, if they market themselves effectively online.
  6. Of people 18-25 years of age, 17.8% find lawyers through an Internet search without learning of them by word of mouth. [https://www.mosesandrooth.com/how-people-find-lawyers-in-2015/]
  7. 31% of all law firm related website traffic comes through mobile search. Is your website Responsive/mobile-friendly? Find out here: https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly
  8. 70% of law firms do not have a (CTA) Call-To-Action on their home page. There should be several appropriately-placed CTA’s throughout a law practice’s website. You want to make it easy for new legal prospects to interact with you and your firm. First Draft Marketing places CTA’s on every web page.
  9. Women are 4.1% more likely to use a referral from a friend to find a lawyer than men. [https://www.mosesandrooth.com/how-people-find-lawyers-in-2015/]
  10. Only 35% of law firm website designs have been updated in the last year. Your website should be updated regularly with new, informative content and updates to your metadata.

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law firm seo, law firm marketing, search engine optimization; online marketing for law practice